Ville Kumpulainen

living in Finland – visit artist website

Ville Kumpulainen (s.1988) is graduating from Turku Arts Academy as a photographer.

I use archive material in my work to enable a conversation with the past, but at the same time a void between the past and the present becomes felt. I’m interested in imagining the rather mythical moment when the memories connected to images or objects originally take place and a fracture in time begins, turning living events into relics. Since the past itself remains forever out of sight, the material relics become immersed with mystery.

By cutting and reassembling old photographs and objects I initiate processes of deconstruction and rewriting in order to work against my experience of discontinuity. In these evocative processes – connected to the logic of metaphor – fragments of the past become enriched with new possibilities of meaning suggesting imaginative events and memories.