Frederic Bigras-burrogano

living in Canada – visit artist website

Frederic Bigras-Burrogano is a Montreal-Born conceptual photographer currently based in Alberta. He uses photography to document the ambiguity of preconceived ideas versus the expectation of the viewer. My work is broadly concerned with national identities and the role landscape plays in its formation. He studied at Concordia University and has exhibited at Les Territoires (Montréal, Canada), Festival Chromatic (Montréal, Canada) and at the Chinese European Art Center (Xiamen, China). His images were published in the photography magazine Young Shot (Exeter, England) and he gave lecture at the Vues Galerie (Montreal, Canada), at the Xiamen University (Xiamen, China) and at Champlain College (Saint-Lambert, Canada). He is currently pursuing a Practicum position at the Banff Centre.